Try singing with me. What did Choi want to say with his work?

Greetings, reader! In this post, we will analyze the song of the group “Kino” — “Try to sing with me”.

The song itself is from the band’s sixth Studio album called “blood Group”. The album was released on January 5, 1988. The record became very popular in the Soviet Union and abroad. The band gained even more fans, and the band itself was often invited to perform in other countries. Critics gave high marks to this album. It is considered a landmark event in the history of Russian music.

From the beginning of the song, there are chords that make me feel like a call to unite to move forward, and some excitement.

After the words sound:

“On the streets, the snow has lost its whiteness,
We see the moon in the glassiness of the meltwater.
We go, we are strong and cheerful…
Frozen fingers break matches that will light bonfires”

I think we are talking about the fact that all this stagnation, “Groundhog days” turned from “beautiful snow” to “trampled slush”. And in the meltwater, which is the result of actions, the moon is visible-a symbol of satisfaction with life, which they actually strive for.

The chorus, in fact, says that we can only make our lives better together.

Then Choi sings:

“This is our day, we recognized it by the location of the stars,
Signs of fire and water, views of the gods.
And now we take a step on the unfinished bridge,
We believed the stars, and everyone screams: “I’m ready!”

perhaps the verse hints at astrology. In General, it tells me that people are ready to give up stability and take a step into the unknown — “on an unfinished bridge”, which may eventually end in collapse.

Next verse :

“those who are weak live from binge to binge,
Cry: “We were not allowed to sing!”, they shout: “Try singing here!”
We go, we are strong and cheerful …
Frozen fingers break matches that will light bonfires “

represents people who are not ready to give up stability, although it kills them, and complain that they have not brought everything they need for action. However, those who are “strong and cheerful” do not expect anything from anyone, but do everything necessary themselves.

The song ends with a melody that speaks of unity, confidence, and a willingness to act.

Thank you for reading to the end. Write your opinion in the comments, as well as the works that you want to analyze. Also visit the channel, I think you will find a lot of interesting things for yourself.



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